Chocolate architecture

I was asked to give a creative workshop for the Dutch Embassy in Helsinki, Finland. The workshop was hosted by the Kulttuurisauna which is an independent institution of architecture & urbanism. I wanted to give the participants a sense of home as well as a tasty treat. I brought in laser cut basic facades, tools […]

Drum lamps for sale with clean conscience!


Used washing machine drums are given a new life as a lamp. This up-cycled product is founded on three principles: locally sourced and recycled materials, hand made to the highest standard and transforming or reinventing to something which totally disconnects from its past. ”When I work with old materials I take them out of context, […]

Something sweet and custom

Custom can light for Pink Vanilla Desserts

Something sweet and custom for Pink Vanilla Desserts. They don’t just blog about good treats they are opening a little shop too! These recycled can lights are custom made with little spoon pull switches.  

Upcycling industrial scale for Midhill diner

Heinz Beanz chandelier

334 recycled cans are used for Top chef Hans Välimäki’s new American diner in Helsinki.  This is up cycling in industrial scale. After collection at the many committed restaurants and cleaning , these tins are transformed into fork and knife holders, bar lights, a floor to ceiling storage display and three Heinz Beanz chandeliers. The […]

“Unbuilt Helsinki” the process

Poster Unbuilt Helsinki MFA

Unbuilt Helsinki is an exhibition about the unbuilt city and its inhabitants curated by Åbäke & Nene Tsuboi with the archives of the Museum of Finnish Architecture. ‘Unbuilt Helsinki’ is not a critique of Helsinki as it is. This is an alternative present and future. A parallel city where ambitious and utopian visions are realized. […]

“UNBUILT HELSINKI” Museum of Finnish Architecture, Helsinki

Unbuilt Helsinki

I didn’t build a city. 1 1. I didn’t draw the roads. I didn’t paint any trees. I didn’t lay down pathways. Places for people to sit. Stare. Lust. Cry. I didn’t design their dreams. I didn’t set the horizon. I didn’t put in dogs, their snarls, needy panting, those hurled sticks, measures of obedience. […]

Low budget, cool and no full skips


The new interior for Elamysmatkat, a Helsinki based travel agency. With the help of Elamysmatkat’s many Facebook friends who donated their old ski’s, I created the ski-chandelier. This colourful up-cycled lamp serves as a great interior decoration for the office and it immediately shows what they are all about: fun, daring and winter sports! Go […]

Unbuilt Helsinki Studio – Stockmann model

Stockmann main window

UNBUILT STOCKMANN by Palmqvist and Einar Sjostrom (1916) UNBUILT STOCKMANN EXTENSION by Sigurd Frosterus (1949)  

Unbuilt Helsinki Studio – Kiasma model

Foundry visit 01

  UNBUILT KIASMA “STYAGES” by Kazuo Shinohara (1993) Cast bronze 49.5 x 68.6 cm. Inspired by the model for the United Nations playground by Noguchi.

Linnanmäki amusement park

The recycled can lights are finally ready and installed. Linnanmäki is open for business so go and have a look!