Chocolate architecture

I was asked to give a creative workshop for the Dutch Embassy in Helsinki, Finland. The workshop was hosted by the Kulttuurisauna which is an independent institution of architecture & urbanism. I wanted to give the participants a sense of home as well as a tasty treat. I brought in laser cut basic facades, tools and materials to guide the staff through the creative exercise.

Working from pictures of traditional Amsterdam facades with their various fancy gables, the participants decorated their laser cut facade with eaves, shutters, steps, moldings, and windows. Then I took the models, placed them in a box and poured a rubber mold from them. After the mold was set, I took eight kilograms of chocolate and made nine stunning chocolate bars in the shape of a building, each delicately and deliciously unique. Three days after their workshop, the participants received their chocolate creation.


The Dutch ambassador

Wooden facade in making

workshop at kulttuurisauna


Workshop dutch embassy 02

Workshop dutch embassy 03

Workshop dutch embassy 04

Workshop dutch embassy 05

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