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“Unbuilt Helsinki” the process

Unbuilt Helsinki is an exhibition about the unbuilt city and its inhabitants curated by Åbäke & Nene Tsuboi with the archives of the Museum of Finnish Architecture. ‘Unbuilt Helsinki’ is not a critique of Helsinki as it is. This is an alternative present and future. A parallel city where ambitious and utopian visions are realized. Selected from the museums archives unrealized projects are selected, researched and brought to life as models with the help of students and young architects.


CENTRAL RAILWAY STATION by Sigurd Frosterus, 1904

Concrete model by Yuko Ozawa with Betoni, 2012


wooden model

Rubber molds ready for casting

concrete casts drying out

Close up Railway station in studio

top view railway station

Railway station in studio



PARLIAMENT OF FINLAND by Eliel Saarinen, 1908

Granite model by Zita Floret with Loimaan Kivi oy, 2012


reddish Kalvola granite

Kalvola granite

CNC machine cutting tower

cutting the granite

parliament entrance

parliament at Loimaan Kivi



ALKO FACTORY by P.E. Blomstedt, 1935

Glass model by Ioana Maftei with iittala, 2012


cardboard model Alko factory

half the mold in the studio

seven molds in anticipation

the wet plaster mold

blowing one of the buildings

just out of the mold

cut and polished pieces at iittala



KIOSKS, 1992

Meccano model by Hannes Halttunen with Laserle Oy, 2012


all the meccano parts

all nine Kiosks

kiosks at Flow festival



LINNANMAKI RADIO ANTENNA & OBSERVATION TOWER by pertti Hokkanen & Martti Kukkonen, 1975

Brass model by Carmen Lee with PPD Ltd, 2012


radio tower in progress

brass etching

radio tower final sheet

assembling brass in studio


MARLMI CHURCH by Reima and Raili Pietilä, 1967

3D model by Timo Arjanko with Lumart, 2012

Woven model with Jokipiin Pellava, 2012


malmi church presentation



G.F.STOCKMANN by Wäino Gustaf Palmqvist & Einar Sjöström, 1916

Wood model by Kento Yamada with Koskisen Oy and Aalto University wood workshop, 2012


STOCKMANN EXTENXION by Sigurd Frosterus, 1949

Steel model by Kento Yamada with Laserle Oy, 2012


laser cut

glue the layers together

Stockmann in workshop


Stockman main and tower

main window




Bronze model buy Leonard Ma with Taidevalimo Kärkkäinen, 2012


wax model in progress

attaching air tubes


melting the bronze

casting the bronze

the bottom

bronze after polishing

towards kiasma

kiasma in kiasma



HELSINKI HIGHWAY by Wilbur Smith & Pentti Polvinen, 1968

Neon model by TiinaTeräs with Neoneffect Oy, 2012


the waters edge in green

fusing glass together

bending the neon tubes

the waters edge in green




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