Spacial design and product design

  • Shadow installation at Helsinki City Museum

    “The Falkman’s courtyard will be filled by Willem Heeffer and Jussi Karjalainen’s light installation Around Helsinki, based on shadow theatre techniques. The installation features familiar and less familiar landmarks of Helsinki, including Hotel Torni, Merihaka, Linnanmäki, a kiosk and an old street lamp, alongside iconic urban transport vehicles ranging from an old tram to a […]

  • Eliel Saarinen Tribune tower at HAM

    Five Finnish museums join forces to celebrate Finland’s centennial year 2017 with a major joint exhibition. Modern Life!  It showcases the success story of Finnish architecture including the never built skyscraper designed for the Chicago Tribune tower competition by Eliel Saarinen, 1922 The scale model is 2.35 meters tall and used up over 40m2 material. […]

  • Type-house models for HAM

    The type-house models take part of the exhibition Modern Life at Ham. It showcases the success story of Finnish architecture and design. After the Second World War the standard system for house design took on great potency, with the creation of the so-called Rintamamiestalo house (literally: War-front soldier’s house). Basic timber constructed houses with rooms […]

  • Helsinki Mobile

    This mobile consists of 24 laser cut birch plywood landmarks in Helsinki. The landmarks of which mostly buildings are accurate representations of the reality with an incredible amount of detail. The mobile is very tactile and moves freely with the slightest current, impressive from whatever angle you look at it. Materials used are stainless steel […]

  • Merihaka bronze model

    Merihaka is a seashore residential area in central Helsinki, Finland consisting of large high-rise concrete housing blocks. We realised a way finding model in Bronze. A process which started with glueing together miniatures buildings in wood to the casting of a 110 kg bronze.   1300+ pieces in 0.6, 1.5 and 3 mm plywood   […]


Willem Heeffer is a Dutch designer based in Helsinki, Finland. He is active in the joint fields of interior design, product design and architecture.

His works include the Heinz Beanz can light and the up cycled washing machine drum lights. His lights are seen in Linnanmäki and in the Midhill diners from top chef Hans Välimäki. He published Dublin flats for the Irish architectural archive and is the project manager for Unbuilt Helsinki which has been exhibited at the Museum of Finnish Architecture. He also runs workshops at the Kulttuurisauna.

"I design spaces and objects from my desk and enjoy realizing the designs in the workshop. When I work I listen a lot to Dublin 98Fm as one of the great Irish traits is their ability to make fun of themselves and get on with it no matter what. I believe good design is mindful design. Ecology and ethics should form and integral part of this." Read more


Boiler Lamp Collection

Willem Heeffer’s Boiler Lamp collection is the first element of his new project The City as a Mine. This research project explores potential uses for various residue from local factories in Helsinki. It will result in a series of interior objects as well as an extensive catalog of industrial waste materials, including information about their […]

Scenografie Helsinki – Bronze model casting

Producing a scalable model of Helsinki as a constellation of key projects – a starting point for a new city in the spirit of Piranesi’s Scenographia Campo Marzio. Each student produced 3 duplicates in cast bronze of a miniature key project in Helsinki. This whole process took place in house at the Kulttuurisauna starting with […]

Mindful design for new interior Mandala travel

A lamp made from a washing machine drum, a stool made from scrap wood; designer Willem Heeffer spots the design potential in everyday waste objects and sets out to give them a stylish new purpose. Mandala is a Helsinki based travel agent and tour operator who offers a wide range of active holidays and adventure […]