Spatial Design

Recycled panelling bar

Pop up restaurant – Koe Helsinki

In August 2014, Helsinki Festival planted its flag on the no-man’s-land that is the city’s Kansalaistori Square. The square was home to Koe Helsinki Festival City, an urban oasis, open to all and packed with cultural delights.  The core of the festival is the tent which houses a pop-up restaurant and stage; a space for […]

Exhibition design Jussi Karjalainen

Upon entry, the big exhibition hall displays a series of photographs taken of Karjalainen’s works in their natural habitat, i.e. records and books in shelves, posters on walls and t-shirts worn by their owners. Up the steps the smaller rooms show his work in sections.  Posters, books, cds and records. His work is not hidden […]

Mindful design for new interior Mandala travel

A lamp made from a washing machine drum, a stool made from scrap wood; designer Willem Heeffer spots the design potential in everyday waste objects and sets out to give them a stylish new purpose. Mandala is a Helsinki based travel agent and tour operator who offers a wide range of active holidays and adventure […]

Heinz Beanz chandelier

Upcycling industrial scale for Midhill diner

334 recycled cans are used for Top chef Hans Välimäki’s new American diner in Helsinki.  This is up cycling in industrial scale. After collection at the many committed restaurants and cleaning , these tins are transformed into fork and knife holders, bar lights, a floor to ceiling storage display and three Heinz Beanz chandeliers. The […]

Low budget, cool and no full skips.

The new interior for Elamysmatkat, a Helsinki based travel agency. With the help of Elamysmatkat’s many Facebook friends who donated their old ski’s, I created the ski-chandelier. This colourful up-cycled lamp serves as a great interior decoration for the office and it immediately shows what they are all about: fun, daring and winter sports! Industrial […]

Midhill restaurant, Linnanmäki, Helsinki

36 recycled can lights in total for the new restaurant in Linnanmäki. The place looks fantastic thanks to designers Martina Rosenqvist and Vera Öller who colour matched the interior to the lamps!

Main image fuse finds

Concept and style for on line/retail store Dublin, Ireland

Concept and style for on line/retail store photo shoot.  Modified Freight crates in different sizes form the main decor for the shoot giving it an industrial look. In collaboration with designer Danielle Mac Innes.

Heinz Beanz Can lights

Dublin Design Week @ GN1

Exhibition of Tin Can Lights during Dublin design week at  Gallery Number One .  

Steel RSJ display unit

Lunatic Fringe hair saloon, Dublin, Ireland

Lunatic Fringe hair saloon in collaboration with designers Amanda Hogan and Laura Farrell. Images show washing machine drum chandeliers, custom bold hooks, custom scissors door handles, patchwork mild steel reception desk with cast concrete top, scissor and comb mobile and a RSJ shelving unit.    

interior 04

Honest to Goodness, Dublin, Ireland

Honest To Goodness is a stylish and friendly cafe bakery with atmospheric surroundings located in George’s Street Arcade, one of Irelands oldest indoor markets in the heart of Dublin. Images show a bucket and spoon mobile, jelly mold pendant lights, stripes banquette seating and lots of colour! This lofty but cosy eatery combines the original […]

Elastiek Muziek merchandising stands 02

Merchandising stands music festival

Merchandising stands, designed for music festival Elastiek Muziek, The Netherlands. These up-cycled cabinets sourced from  second hand stores have been given a new life. Painted out and put on wheels these now mobile cabinets  are positioned around the stages to display the performing bands merchandise.

custom glass panels

Solas Bar& Restaurant, Dublin, Ireland

Solas Bar & Restaurant restaurant in collaboration with designers Amanda Hogan and Laura Farrell. Images show an Absolut vodka bar and outside garden.