Merihaka bronze model

Merihaka is a seashore residential area in central Helsinki, Finland consisting of large high-rise concrete housing blocks. We realised a way finding model in Bronze. A process which started with glueing together miniatures buildings in wood to the casting of a 110 kg bronze.   1300+ pieces in 0.6, 1.5 and 3 mm plywood   […]

Scenografie Helsinki – Bronze model casting

Producing a scalable model of Helsinki as a constellation of key projects – a starting point for a new city in the spirit of Piranesi’s Scenographia Campo Marzio. Each student produced 3 duplicates in cast bronze of a miniature key project in Helsinki. This whole process took place in house at the Kulttuurisauna starting with […]

Unbuilt Helsinki Studio – Kiasma model

Foundry visit 01

  UNBUILT KIASMA “STYAGES” by Kazuo Shinohara (1993) Cast bronze 49.5 x 68.6 cm. Inspired by the model for the United Nations playground by Noguchi.