“UNBUILT HELSINKI” Museum of Finnish Architecture, Helsinki

Unbuilt Helsinki

I didn’t build a city. 1 1. I didn’t draw the roads. I didn’t paint any trees. I didn’t lay down pathways. Places for people to sit. Stare. Lust. Cry. I didn’t design their dreams. I didn’t set the horizon. I didn’t put in dogs, their snarls, needy panting, those hurled sticks, measures of obedience. […]

Unbuilt Helsinki Studio – Stockmann model

Stockmann main window

UNBUILT STOCKMANN by Palmqvist and Einar Sjostrom (1916) UNBUILT STOCKMANN EXTENSION by Sigurd Frosterus (1949)  

Unbuilt Helsinki Studio – Kiasma model

Foundry visit 01

  UNBUILT KIASMA “STYAGES” by Kazuo Shinohara (1993) Cast bronze 49.5 x 68.6 cm. Inspired by the model for the United Nations playground by Noguchi.

Unbuilt Helsinki Studio – Central railway station model

final model with molds

UNBUILT RAILWAY STATION by Frosterus (1904) The railway station model is finished and fabricated in concrete. It took around 400 hours making the molds and pouring the concrete and the result is amazing.